Two Hands to Love You
By Diane Adams
Illustrated by Paige Keiser

Various family members tell how their hands will help a baby as he grows. Two hands will “rock you to sleep,” “raise you up high,” “help you squeeze lemons for juice,” and so on. All end with the same couplet: “For you are my baby; I’ll never be far./I’ll love you, think of you, wherever you are.” The story starts with an infant and ends with a toddler. The text is written in carefully metered anapestic tetrameter with end rhyme, which gives it an easy rocking feel when reading it aloud. Each stanza is narrated by a different person. The soft ink and watercolor sketches are done mostly in black and white; the only colors are touches of yellow and pink. This sweet book would make a good choice for baby programs or a one-on-one read. Pair it with Mem Fox’s Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Harcourt, 2008) and Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever. —School Library Journal


Two Hands to Love You Activities

  • Read this book to your little brother or sister
  • Paint a picture of your family
  • Write a poem about your family
  • Go for nature walks with your family

I Want to Help! Activities

  • Draw a picture of your classroom
  • Write a list of how you can help your teacher
  • Do one activity every day that helps your teacher
  • Give your teacher a hug at the end of the day

I Can Do It Myself Activities

  • Write a story about what you can do by yourself.
  • Activity Draw a picture of something that you still like your mom or dad to do for you.
  • Plan to try one new thing this week that you haven’t done before.
  • Share with the class your bedtime routine.


Zoom Activities

  • Design a theme park. You can use a theme featuring a unit of study you are currently working on, or have the class vote on a theme for the amusement park. Brainstorm ideas of rides and attractions. For example, if you are doing a unit on insects, they may design a ride of metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly; or create an ant colony park.
  • Have the students create an attraction using household items, such as styrofoam cups, toothpicks, building blocks…
  • Design a poster. Ask students to create a poster advertising a new ride at an amusement park. Remind them to use big lettering and bright colors.
  • Write your own Zoom! book as a class. Each child can write and illustrate a rhyming page to describe a trip to a theme park. Put them together as a class book that they can read during center time or together as a group.

A Home for Salty Activities

  • Look up Salt Marsh Harvest Mice on the Internet. Draw a picture of their favorite nesting area, pickleweed.
  • Do a report on an animal from the book. Write about why the habitat is so important for their survival.
  • Take a field trip to a local wildlife refuge. Look for Salty there.
  • Hold a fundraiser in your class for your local wildlife refuge.
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