Two Hands to Love You
By Diane Adams
Illustrated by Paige Keiser

Various family members tell how their hands will help a baby as he grows. Two hands will “rock you to sleep,” “raise you up high,” “help you squeeze lemons for juice,” and so on. All end with the same couplet: “For you are my baby; I’ll never be far./I’ll love you, think of you, wherever you are.” The story starts with an infant and ends with a toddler. The text is written in carefully metered anapestic tetrameter with end rhyme, which gives it an easy rocking feel when reading it aloud. Each stanza is narrated by a different person. The soft ink and watercolor sketches are done mostly in black and white; the only colors are touches of yellow and pink. This sweet book would make a good choice for baby programs or a one-on-one read. Pair it with Mem Fox’s Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Harcourt, 2008) and Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever. —School Library Journal



Love Is… coming in January 2017!!!! Illustrations by Claire Keane, animator of the Disney movie Frozen.

Two Hands to Love You

Author: Diane Adams
Illustrator: Paige Keiser
2014 Chronicle
Text Level Ages 2 to 4
ISBN 9780811877978


I’ll bathe you in bubbles and soak you in sun, then wrap you up tightly when bath time is done. With two loving hands, an adoring mother cradles her baby after bath time and a devoted father lifts his newborn to look into a nest. Sister, brother, grandma, and grandpa all can’t wait to share what they love best with their newest family member. And when it is time to step out into the world, this caring family is right there alongside their littlest one. In simple, heartfelt language, this soothing picture book for the very young will tug at the heartstrings and remind us all of the caring hands that helped us along our way.

This delightful young children’s book is available in bookstores and at Amazon after March 25th.

Title: I Want to Help!
Author: Diane Adams
Illustrator: Nancy Hayashi
2012 Peachtree Publishers
(isbn# 978-1-56145-630-7)

Title: I Can Do It Myself!
Author: Diane Adams
Illustrator: Nancy Hayashi
2009 Peachtree Publishers
(isbn# 978-1-56145-471-6)

Emily Pearl is a smart little girl who is busy making her home and her school just the way she likes them; a little messy, a little noisy, and a whole lot of fun!

Title: A Home For Salty
Author: Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen Illustrator: Diane Adams
2007 San Pablo Bay National
Wildlife Refuge


Written by Stephanie Stuve Bodeen. Illustrated by Diane Adams.
Salty, the Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse, has a problem. It’s getting harder and harder to find a place to live. She searches the marsh for the perfect home, but comes across a curious seal, an angry clapper rail, and a hungry falcon. Will she ever find a home that’s right for her? And what exactly is this stuff called Pickleweed?

Salt Marsh Harvest Mice are as tiny as your thumb. They know how to swim, and they love to make their homes in pickleweed. Pickleweed grows in marshlands near salty water. It looks like tiny pickles, and that’s how it got its name.

Title: Zoom!
Author: Diane Adams
Illustrator: Kevin Luthardt
2005 Peachtree Publishers
(isbn# 1561453323)


Written by Diane Adams. Illustrated by Kevin Luthardt.
A timid young boy joins his eager father for a ride on a roller coaster. After zigzagging through the line, the pair boards the DinoCoaster for a fast-paced ride that takes them lurching and tilting upside down, round and round. When the roller coaster finally comes to a stop, the excited young boy is ready for another ride…but his queasy father has other ideas.



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