Two Hands to Love You
By Diane Adams
Illustrated by Paige Keiser

Various family members tell how their hands will help a baby as he grows. Two hands will “rock you to sleep,” “raise you up high,” “help you squeeze lemons for juice,” and so on. All end with the same couplet: “For you are my baby; I’ll never be far./I’ll love you, think of you, wherever you are.” The story starts with an infant and ends with a toddler. The text is written in carefully metered anapestic tetrameter with end rhyme, which gives it an easy rocking feel when reading it aloud. Each stanza is narrated by a different person. The soft ink and watercolor sketches are done mostly in black and white; the only colors are touches of yellow and pink. This sweet book would make a good choice for baby programs or a one-on-one read. Pair it with Mem Fox’s Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes (Harcourt, 2008) and Robert Munsch’s Love You Forever. —School Library Journal


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School and Library Visits
Diane shares her writing process with the students, giving them a view into her world of duck diapering, dogs that read, and “good” rejection letters. Her presentation is geared for k – 5th graders, although she also speaks at high schools and colleges. School visits include two 45 minute assemblies, two classroom visits, and a book signing. Cost:  $350.00

Diane also speaks at conferences, sharing the ABC’s of being published, as well as the ups and downs of being a children’s book writer. This presentation is geared for teachers, librarians and writers. Cost:  $350.00

Reviews of Diane’s presentations:
“When Diane read Zoom! to my kindergarten students, she related it to their first day of school. Just like the little boy facing the roller coaster, they had done something new and a little scary. She helped them realize that they were brave too, and that it’s fun to try new things. We really enjoyed her visit.”
- Nancy McGuire, Kindergarten teacher

“I liked the part when Diane showed us pictures of her dogs reading books. And I also liked the picture of her trying to put a diaper on a duck. It was really funny.”
- Blake, third grade student

“Diane visits my Children’s Literature classes at Cal State San Bernardino each semester, and the students love her talks. She gives them the nuts and bolts of how to write a children’s book, and shares her insights into the publishing world. She encourages them to follow their dreams, and to not let a rejection letter or two stand in their way.”
- Katherine Thomerson, Professor


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