The Set-up of a Children's Book

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The Set-up of a Children’s Book

1.     A children’s book is usually 32 pages long.

2.     It begins on page 5 and ends on page 32.

3.     In the middle of the book (usually pages 14 and 15) is a double page spread.  This is a page with illustrations, but no words.  It allows the reader to read the picture and pause for a minute or two.

4.     Every story needs a main character, a problem that the character faces, and a resolution to that problem by the character.  In other words, adults are not allowed to solve the problem.

5.     The character needs to show growth throughout the story, so that by the end, she has confidence and independence.

6.     Look at children’s books and notice how few words are on each page.  You may even want to count the words.  Remember to leave room for illustrations.

7.     Talk to your librarians and teachers.  What is missing from their bookshelves?  Perhaps you have an idea that would fill a need.

8.     Look at the world around you and gather ideas from your personal experiences.  Take notes on interesting conversations you hear (or overhear). 

9.     Keep writing!!